Resources for Students

Table of Contents

Your Rights as a Student

You are a valued member of our UCLA community. You have the right to learn in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and violence. You have the right to access care supporting your mental and physical health. You have the right to human dignity and the basic respect of those around you.

Getting Help

Sexual Misconduct

Confidential Resources

Mental Health

Students with Disabilities

  • Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)
    • Provides academic support services for students with documented permanent or temporary disabilities, at no cost to students. Example services include readers, adaptive equipment, sign language interpreters, test-taking arrangements, transportation, and much more.
  • UCLA Disabilities and Computing Program (DCP)
    • Provides services related to accessible computing technology, including support for students and training for faculty.

Equity, Inclusion, and Access

International Students

Academic Support

My Commitments to You

You are always welcome to speak with me about any experience or aspect of your life that may effect your safety, ability to learn, or ability to participate equitably in the UCLA community.

  • I commit to welcoming and celebrating you, as you are.
  • I commit to making time for you.
  • I commit to listening to you actively and sympathetically.
  • I commit to believing you.
  • I commit to helping you find the resources that best meet your needs.
  • I commit to respecting your privacy to the extent consistent with my reporting obligations under Title IX (see below).

My Obligations under Title IX

I am a Responsible Employee, which means that I am required by the University to report incidents of sexual harassment or sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator. If you disclose such an incident to me, I will report it to the Title IX Coordinator. This may lead to follow-up from the Title IX office and a possible investigation into the incident. If you would like to speak to a resource who will maintain strict confidentiality, see Confidential Resources.